Mona Bawarshi's Biography
Aug 2019
Une saga libanaise la famille kettaneh
Oct 2018
Book review: Public Finance: Lebanese Government revenues, reality and aspirations
Mar 2017
Book review: The Comprehensive Labor and National Social Security Laws
Mar 2017
Hand in Hand for 100 Years: The Stories of Lebanon and China
Mar 2017
Book review: Emerging Lebanon by Roger Nasnas et al
Nov 2016
Book review: Development and Humanitarian problems by Numbers
Nov 2016
Book review: Of Happiness and Ideas
Aug 2016
A Journey of Success by Nizar Choucair
Jun 2016
A Reflection of Choices: The Saba & CO. story
Feb 2016
New book: Play it again - Mustapha Assad biography
Nov 2015
The Lebanese Dream: A political book that aims to transcribe what the common citizen would like to see in the structure and practice of its government
May 2015
Powerless citizens: Two books about the beleaguered power sector
Feb 2015
Chains of memory and its hues: A biography by Marwan Iskandar
Aug 2014
The oil and gaz handbook
Jun 2014
Financial risks on Lebanon: Opportunities to avoid them still available
Jun 2014
Guidlines For Public Private Partnership: All you need to know about the PPP draft law
Mar 2014
The mother of all traps: A French best-seller argues that modern parenting has set women back
Nov 2012
Food hygiene and safety: application of the HACCP method
Jul 2010
ABC Guide: Consumer protection
Sep 2009
Towards an integrated economic and agricultural development: How agricultural production in this country could be increased
Jul 2009
On building the state in Lebanon: The nature of the Lebanese political system and the role of the state
May 2009
Industrious commitment: Keeping a hot water tank factory above water
Apr 2009
Country Commercial Guide for Lebanon: By US Department of Commerce
Apr 2009
Fadi Comair writes about the management of water and hydro diplomacy
Jan 2009
ABC Guides help companies to increase their exports
Nov 2008
Muhammad Fawaz proposes a water policy for this country
Oct 2008
The irregular quarters of Beirut
Oct 2008
Reforms at the ministry of finance: A clear vision leading the way 2005-2008 and beyond
Jul 2008
Lebanese banking review: Moving towards globalization
Jul 2008
Obesity: Medical and economic consequences
Jul 2008
Naaman Azhari of BLOM Bank shares his banking experience
Jun 2008
Poverty study
Mar 2008
Atlas of Lebanon: Territories and society
Jan 2008
The bribery discourse: A sociolinguistic study
Jan 2008
Television: A journey to hell
Nov 2007
Emerging Lebanon by Roger Nasnas and others
Feb 2007
Infopro study: Economic impact of the July 06 war
Dec 2006
ILO post-conflict work program report
Dec 2006
The Lebanese economy by Marwan Iskandar
Jul 2006
Real estate principals by Ibrahim Halawi
Jul 2006