Busy shopping streets in Beirut are the best bet - Retailers follow locations that attract niche traffic and offer F&B
Oct 2018
Income-producing properties
Mar 2018
Renovating a property
Nov 2017
Villa Society
Oct 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – A city within a city
Apr 2017
Cover story: Office buildings nonstop
Jul 2016
Cover story: More stores than ever, as malls become more dispersed
Jul 2016
14 malls under construction
Oct 2015
Project developers: mega projects on the rise
Aug 2015
Government to build State-owned offices: Complexes to house several ministries
Mar 2015
Serviced and virtual offices: The alternative workplace
Jun 2014
Will the old Holiday Inn be put up for auction?: Shareholders may see their dispute settled by the hammer
Jun 2014
Looking through the glass curtain
Jul 2013
Small apartments multiply: Developers are adapting, but not enough, to changing consumer trends
May 2013
Putting the fab back into pre-fab: Prefabricated houses
Dec 2012
Expanding the reach of office space: companies are looking for locations outside the city
Aug 2012
Storage Solutions: rented small closed spaces for storage in big warehouse
May 2011
Commercial properties are struggling to recover
Dec 2010
Mall fever goes national
Aug 2010
Upcoming malls
Aug 2010
Commercial real estate is not out of the woods yet
Aug 2010
Mall of the same: The Beirut Souks are open, finally!
Nov 2009
Towering Beirut: Here come the skyscrapers
Oct 2009
Retail estate: The high end dominates
Oct 2009
Designing your office is not just about how it looks
Mar 2008
The Phoenician village: the largest project in downtown Beirut
Jun 2006
Dbayeh Marina to witness major developments: Club La Marina and the Conference Palace
Apr 2006
Office space: the beginning of a boom?
Dec 2005
Retail in Solidere
Jan 2005
Central pull: Souks to make BCD the region prime retail destination
Jan 2005
New wave of luxury beach resorts
Jun 2004
The expanding marina industry
Aug 2003
Downtown gold souk and the 'top-notch retailers' rest
Dec 2002
Drive-in shopping on the northern highway
Nov 2002
Demand for office space is on the rise
Mar 2002
Industrial land
Dec 2001
Agricultural land and where to find it
Jun 2001
Office space - what’s around and how much
Dec 2000
Retail areas
Oct 1999
Furnished apartments
Aug 1999
A theater in your project
Feb 1999
Solidere: Entertainment
Dec 1998
Sold, or on hold? ( New rental policy pricing in Solidere)
Nov 1998
Shopping streets
Oct 1998
Marina in business
Jul 1998
Jun 1998
Solidere: Hotels across downtown
May 1998
Zoom: Choosing a place for your retail outlet
Apr 1998
Moving your office to Solidere?
Mar 1998
Retail opportunities
Jan 1998
Solidere: retail opportunities
Nov 1997
Solidere: the souks of Beirut
Oct 1997
Office space in Beirut
Oct 1997
Investing in a country club
Sep 1997
Furnished offices
May 1997
Furnished offices
May 1997