Omertà – The code of silence
Dec 2016
Done deal: Credit Libanais and Pharaon & Chiha
Apr 2016
Levant Investment Bank invests in three startups
Mar 2016
Merging interests: The marriage of BIT with NECB holds the promise of a growing finance family
Aug 2014
EuroMena III first closing tops $100 million: Large equity and debt from EIB and IFC
Jul 2014
LIA goes to Moroccan Group: Bank Audi selling its insurance company
Jun 2012
FNB acquires capital finance company
Dec 2009
MECG taken over by FNB
Jul 2006
BLC finds suitor from Qatar (A Qatari institution bought BLC)
Jan 2006
Merger of Banque Audi and Banque Saradar
Apr 2004
Perfect partners: BoB increases customer base by 40 percent (merger of Bank of Beirut and Beirut Riyadh Bank)
Jul 2002
Audi and Lebanon Invest – merged or swallowed?
Feb 2001
What really happened with BLC and UBL
Oct 2000
Ark 'buys' BLC
Aug 1999
Will Ark buy BLC?
Jul 1999
Undone: The fall-out between Byblos and BLC
Jun 1999
Modern marriage of Byblos and BLC
Mar 1999
BoB + Transorient: Taking it over, quietly
Feb 1999
Byblos merger with BBC
Nov 1997
Credit Libanais sold
Jul 1997