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Summer dress code: Minimal exposure, light colors
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Travel and work bags
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Hats and Scarves | Chic and Timeless
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Dec 2017
Retro-style fall fashion
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Fifty shades of gray
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A cool spring and summer
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Fall/winter accessories: Fighting the cold with fashion
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Fall/winter collection: Check is the pattern, military green is the color
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Europe invades again with new clothing brands
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Dressing for summer
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What your outfit says about you
Dec 2015
Put on your jacket
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Fashion trends: Anything goes
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Dress for the job you want
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Car brands embrace fashion
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Blazers: Cuts, Fabrics, & Colors
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Headwear: A crowning trend
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Waterproof: Practical and trendy items keeping you dry
Dec 2014
The winter suit
Dec 2014
Patterned shirts
Nov 2014
Fall-Winter suits
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Pro-fashionals: Magazines, newsletters, websites and more to stay tuned to latest wear trends
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Optical glasses: Seeing...à la mode
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Summer suits: Back to the future, again!
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Dressed by the boutique: Consultancy, pampering, and more
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Around the neck: Ties, bowties, and other paraphernalia
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Getting the most out of patterns: designers have included patterns in their collections
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Hairstyle that speak volumes
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What your purse is saying about you
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Dec 2010
The fall suit collection
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Catwalk in an autumn office (fall-winter collection)
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Sep 2010
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Nov 2009
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Summer shirts: The trick in summer is to sheld the layers without shedding the style
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Jan 2009
Dec 2008
Custom-made suits are back
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Stylish watches are made of rose gold
Nov 2008
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Blazers for the office
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Summer casual business attire
Aug 2008
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Business attire for summer
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