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Dec 2012
Empowering women: NGOs organize training and entrepreneurship sessions to create opportunities for women
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Aug 2012
An investment that becomes social capital: Corporate Social Responsibility is a growing trend
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A helping hand for entrepreneurs: organizations providing support for entrepreneurs, start-ups
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Sitting on manufactured art: Furniture designers are using local themes
Dec 2011
New SME Support Center
Aug 2011
Ambition of the Month: Maya Karanouh's ten-year design agency goes regional
Jan 2010
All strings attached: From violinmaker to industry sector creator
Oct 2009
An un-common T-shirt: Jihad Habib created a line of souvenir t-shirts that bear a catchy message
Aug 2009
High heels on equal footing: Women in this country can become entrepreneurs almost as easily as men can
Aug 2009
For women only! Women-oriented businesses are growing
Jul 2009
Island hopping: Laurent Messara turns his passion for sailing into a profitable business
Jun 2009
Not just your regular store: Specialty and health food groceries respond as consumers go organic
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Living in the past: A growing trend among investors to renovate heritage buildings
May 2009
Marwan Tarraf has his sights set on acquiring the Harley Davidson dealership for Lebanon
May 2009
Piling on the pounds: The growing diet industry
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Jan 2008
Empowering the youth
Nov 2007
The Bader initiative to help SMEs developing their businesses
Nov 2006
Projects seeking finance
Jul 2006
Private equity funds helping businesses
Jul 2006
Young Arab leaders (YAL) organization: investing in the future - create the necessary environment for young leaders to grow
May 2006
FTL (Fair Trade Lebanon) to assist farmers in selling their produce locally and abroad at good price
Apr 2006
The Bader initiative
Mar 2006
Incubator project: bringing SMEs up to scratch
Feb 2006
Berytech makes booming business from bright ideas
Mar 2004
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To e- or not to e-: Constantine Salameh becoming a leader in technological entrepreneurship
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Money-saving inventions by university students
Apr 1999