How to free hostage money
Feb 2020
Light at the end of the tunnel - Undervalued shares await positive signals to rebound
Jan 2019
The dollar peg is critical for monetary stability: Central Bank has enough resources to maintain it
Nov 2018
Deafening uproar during hard times: Lira, interest rates, and housing loans
Nov 2018
Higher interest rates attract hard currency. Internal and external factors have led to an increase
Aug 2018
Eurobonds are undervalued: The plunge in their prices does not reflect the country’s risk
Aug 2018
Hidden in plain sight: Banks’ shares are attractive options
Jul 2018
High hopes for the bourse’s privatization - What will happen in 2018
Jan 2018
Rollercoaster | The latest political developments have once again demonstrated the resilience of the lira and of the banking sector
Dec 2017
The policies of BDL and the banks are on the right track
Dec 2017
The known and the unknown future | Internet-based tools are being used by half of bank clients. Much more is yet to come
Nov 2017
Stock exchange privatization
Oct 2017
Outlook 2017: All out converge to prop up the bourse
Mar 2017
Boosting the bourse
Sep 2016
Returns of bank stocks
Aug 2016
Outlook 2016: The bourse will surge if…
Jan 2016
Capital market stakeholders are adapting to new regulations
Nov 2015
Makram Sader, In my opinion; Banks and changes
Apr 2015
Banks are immune against public debt: The private sector benefits from financing
Dec 2014
Central Bank circular boost to private equity investment
Dec 2014
Stock market outlook for 2014
Jan 2014
Mutual funds are poised for growth: A variety of offerings are being marketed by banks
Jul 2013
Topping the NASDAQ
Apr 2013
Online trading surges: Online trading in global stocks and commodities is gaining ground in the local market
Feb 2013
Stock market performance: Overview and recommendations for major listed companies
Jan 2013
Mixed outlook for the banking system: Stock ratings of the banks according to their performance
Dec 2012
Solidere announces lower profits: Analysts lower estimates of share value
Jul 2012
The IN stocks: The Beirut Stock Exchange followed a downward trend in the first half of the year
Jan 2012
High demand for sovereign paper: local Eurobonds look increasingly attractive
Jan 2012
Conservative growth is paying off in times of crisis (BLOM Bank share is trading below book value)
Dec 2011
Growth in difficult markets: Shares in Bank Audi have a high upward potential
Nov 2011
Solidere still a longterm "buy" (Solidere stock remains a good buy)
Oct 2011
CDs replacing TBs: For one month only (Ministry of Finance to suspend the sale of treasury bills)
Apr 2010
The financial markets are poised for growth (Stock exchange)
Jan 2010
CITI says: “Buy SOLIDERE!”
Feb 2009
Revenge of the lira (Investments in Lebanese T-Bills)
Dec 2008
Online trading has come to the Beirut Stock Exchange
Jun 2008
Mutual funds venture into new territory
Apr 2008
Best performers (Listings of the best performers in BSE)
Jan 2008
Where to invest: Stocks, bonds, and currencies
Jan 2008
A guide to choosing an equities brokerage
Jan 2008
Where to invest in 2007? (Investment in fixed assets, stocks & bonds…)
Jan 2007
Trade in financial markets
Jan 2007
New law to facilitate the smooth functioning of financial markets
Jun 2006
Investors in BSE cautiously optimistic
Apr 2006
New laws for the capital market
Feb 2006
Spoiled for choice: T-bills, eurobonds, BSE shares
Jan 2006
Bankers go for preferred shares
Dec 2005
Stuck exchange no more (Beirut Stock Exchange after Febraury 14 )
Jun 2005
Lebanese lira versus government bonds
Jan 2005
Debt exchange operation a success (The successful swap of 55 percent of government-issued eurobonds)
Oct 2004
Are Government bonds a "good buy"?
Jul 2004
Beirut Stock Exchange adds Eurobond to its list
May 2004
Eurobonds outdo all expectations
Jun 2003
Preferred shares
Dec 2002
Solidere rated again
Sep 2002
Eurobonds for small investors
Jul 2002
BSE fails to arouse investors' enthusiasm
Apr 2002
Marketing eurobonds
Aug 2001
Bank shares
Jul 2001
Local investors on foreign exchanges
May 2001
Buying the lira
Apr 2001
Share price forecast for 2001
Jan 2001
E-traders target expats
Dec 2000
Solidere emerges from its coma
Nov 2000
Casino shares in a spin
Oct 2000
Zero interest T-bills
Jul 2000
BiD (Business Investment Developers company) instructions on investment (investing in stocks)
Jul 2000
Investors tired of a lazy bourse
Jun 2000
Squeeze on t-bill sales
May 2000
Insiders say BLC shares are good prospect
Apr 2000
Phoenicia set to boost SGHL share value
Mar 2000
Crystal ball look at the BSE for 2000
Jan 2000
Painting downtown red : Solidere announces first-ever losses, shares languish
Dec 1999
GDR vs ordinary shares
Nov 1999
Three-year government t-bills maybe just around the corner
Oct 1999
Big boys buy into latest bond issue
Oct 1999
This landlord is also a supermarket: An inside look at the shares of Bou Khalil
Sep 1999
Bottom Gear: Rymco shares idle despite accelerating sales and profits
Aug 1999
Online trading (Trading stocks online)
Jul 1999
Solidere: Shares tipped as long-term buy
May 1999
Floating on the stock exchange: Transparency is the key to being listed on the bourse
May 1999
The foreign exchange market
Apr 1999
Which is better? Stocks or bonds
Mar 1999
Stock preview for 1999
Jan 1999
Shareholder relations
Nov 1998
Business on the Beirut Stock Exchange
Sep 1998
Betting on the Casino
Aug 1998
$1 billion in new bonds
Jul 1998
Stock broker picking
Jun 1998
Apr 1998
Corporate bonds
Feb 1998
The return of the Phoenicians: SGHL "Société des Grands Hotels du Liban" stock review
Jan 1998
Nov 1997
Trading over the counter
Oct 1997
Preview: financial derivatives
Oct 1997
Stock review: Uniceramic
Oct 1997
Stock Profile: Byblos Bank
Sep 1997
Stock Profile: Solidere
Aug 1997
Money Market
Aug 1997
Stock Profile: BLC
Jul 1997
Trading at the Bourse
Jun 1997
Bank of Beirut goes public
May 1997