Hospitality: New venues and experiences
Jan 2019
Restaurant chains go out of town: Cities and towns beyond the capital are increasingly attractive to established restaurant and cluster operators
Nov 2018
Spread the word: Home-grown concepts are competing with international giants and building their own empires
Nov 2018
Airbnb takes hold and grows: Renting apartments and rooms through Airbnb has become an attractive business for individuals and investors
Nov 2018
Serviced furnished apartments: Demand for serviced furnished apartments is growing
Nov 2018
Packaging hotels: Hotels are innovating in their quest to attract visitors. They regularly offer packages providing special accommodation rates, sometimes paired with extra services
Jun 2018
Growing investments in hospitality - What will happen in 2018
Jan 2018
Cover story: Hospitality & Tourism – Alternative offerings
Aug 2017
Cover story: Hospitality & Tourism – Restaurant owners are still investing
Aug 2017
Cover story: Hospitality & Tourism – Supersized beach resorts
Aug 2017
Cover story: Hospitality & Tourism – Travel agencies
Aug 2017
Program to map 2,000 sites
Jun 2017
Gearing up for summer
Jun 2017
Tourism in the countryside
May 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Eat & stay
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary - Most active restaurant owners
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary - Chain hotels
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Hospitality influencers
Apr 2017
Outlook 2017: Hospitality & Tourism
Mar 2017
Cover story: Restaurants should keep it simple and relaxed for millennials
Feb 2017
Kids Business: healthy appetite
Sep 2016
120 festivals coming to a theater near you
Jul 2016
Hospitality outlook 2016: The show must go on
Jan 2016
100 festivals in 100 nights
Sep 2015
Statistics: Changing patterns in tourism, newly targeted tourists include Egyptians, Jordanians, and Iraqis
Jun 2015
Jbeil: The Arab Tourism Capital, the city’s charm, historical and tourist,features earned it the award
Jun 2015
Hotels Back to the future: Over seven hotels have launched renovation works
Jun 2015
Restaurant clusters: More attractive, less expensive
Jun 2015
Out-of-the-box accommodations: New trends in the hospitality industry such as apartment hotels, ‘apartels’, guesthouse, and residential hotels
Jun 2015
Floating resort island in Jounieh will be launched mid 2016
Jun 2015
Hamra’s hard won cachet: A historical commercial hub has re-emerged as the hottest destination for hotels, restaurants, and nightlife
Mar 2015
Anxious for a reversal of fortune: Hotels, restaurants, beach resorts, and car rentals, 2014 anticipated touristic reason
Jul 2014
Hotels are planning a comeback
Feb 2014
Street food: Small chains, vans, and kiosks are taking the restaurant business by storm
Feb 2014
Industrializing eateries: Lower cost, higher revenues, better control and hygiene
Feb 2014
Movers and shakers: The stakeholders,the restaurateurs ,and the hoteliers
Feb 2014
Agenda 2014 of Hospitality sector
Jan 2014
Exporting Knowhow: Cooking for tourists in their homeland
Sep 2013
Hungry for malls: eateries in shopping centers seem to have a better chance to resist challenging situations
Aug 2013
How to reach the stars: New hospitality accreditation system
Feb 2013
Industrial strength nightlife: Dora has joined the club scene
Sep 2012
Summer festivals: Locals are leading the boogie
Sep 2012
Flourishing tourism and hospitality: The open sky policy , the reform of MEA and the 5 stars hotel chains helped tourism grow
Apr 2012
One thousand and one nightspots : Internationally acclaimed night clubs
Apr 2012
The name of the chain : International hotel branding regains attention
Jan 2012
Restaurants leap a full generation: The new generation of restaurants is a capital intensive, location driven, and innovative
Nov 2011
Five star savings: How to be green and guest friendly in hospitality industry
Sep 2011
Hotel rush: Global brands as well as small operators are busy building new venues
Feb 2011
Responsible hospitality : The grass is actually greener for eco-tourism
Dec 2010
The beginning of a trend: Ashrafieh- Burger-occupied territory
Oct 2010
Caught between two summers: Ramadan splits a booming tourist season causing a slowdown in Arab visitors
Sep 2010
Good outlook for tourism projects
Jul 2010
Travel agencies expand their horizon as stability promises a good season
Apr 2010
Stability and easier visas open market to new visitors from Jordon, Turkey, and China
Apr 2010
110 years...and still cooking: The Mehannas hope to sustain their everlasting tradition
Feb 2010
Hotels: Good season
Dec 2009
Room for more small hotels: Three and four stars are not enough
Dec 2009
Yuppie Park: Kid's play is a growth-up occupation
Dec 2009
Dean of bean: A passion for coffee - Report on 'Café Younes'
Sep 2009
New Hotels Downtown: Seven new hotels
Aug 2009
Hotels: Still occupied! Expectations about the recovery of the hotel sector by the end of 2009
May 2009
Warm winter scorching summer: Expectation of a hot summer of tourists
Apr 2009
Hotel performance soars: Beirut hotels sustained continued good performance in 2008
Mar 2009
Hotels are for a successful summer 2008
Jul 2008
Hospitality and tourism deploy survival tactics for summer 2007
Jun 2007
Tips for inbound travelers
Jun 2007
Politics remains the main threat to the continued recovery of tourism
Apr 2007
Business traveler airline rates
Feb 2007
Exporting local food franchises
Jan 2007
Tourism sector down in summer 2006 because of the war
Jan 2007
Out-of-the-box thinking: How can Lebanon regain its former position as a major holiday destination in the Middle East?
Dec 2006
The tourism sector hoping to recuperate quickly
Nov 2006
Demand for resorts expected to rise
May 2006
Boutique hotels gain ground
Feb 2006
Development of new hotels continues
Jan 2006
Local cuisine goes down a treat overseas
Nov 2005
Food delivery business keeps on growing
Nov 2005
A sector revived: The return of a thriving tourist industry
Oct 2005
Survey predicts strong tourism growth from 2006
Aug 2005
Tourism: Bridging the Gulf -Campaigns aim to throw lifeline to shaky tourist season start
Jul 2005
Promotions launched to bring back tourists
May 2005
Tourism: Just how good a summer can be expected?
Apr 2005
Small is inn: Rural hospitality in expansion
Feb 2005
Shopping festival
Feb 2005
Hospitality: Restaurants
Jan 2005
Show Me The Money: Entertainment business enjoys big profits in the New Year's Eve
Dec 2004
Batroun touristic revival
Sep 2004
Private airplane business
Aug 2004
Franchising: Rapid expansion with little investment
Jul 2004
Booming business for hotels
Jun 2004
February shopping festival expands to all seasons
Feb 2004
Open skies policy
Nov 2003
Summer tourism is better than ever
Oct 2003
Undeveloped historic sites potential
Aug 2003
Potential for untapped hospitality opportunities
Jul 2003
The February 2003 shopping festival
Feb 2003
How the country shapes up as a competitive tourist destination
Dec 2002
Luxury hotels
Nov 2002
Cruise ships
Oct 2002
Corporate events give tourism a boost
Aug 2002
Boosting off-season business
May 2002
Five-star hotels in Beirut
Apr 2002
Arabs targeted by hospitality sector
Apr 2002
Tour operators aim at Arab visitors
Mar 2002
Tourist sites
Feb 2002
Tours de force: Package deals favor tourists and local business
Nov 2001
Room for optimism in tourism
Oct 2001
Be our guest: strategy for tourism
Sep 2001
How to set up a nightspot
Jun 2001
Multinational hotels and local suppliers
Feb 2001
New hotel star system
Oct 2000
27,000 new tourism jobs by 2010
Sep 2000
Hotel occupancy rate battle
Jul 2000
Restaurants and profitability
Apr 2000
Setting up a rent-a-car business
Mar 2000
Changing market for tour operators and travel agents
Feb 2000
Hotel franchises and management contracts
Oct 1999
Taxi companies
Oct 1999
Restaurant survey: middle market is missing
Aug 1999
Business Travel
Jul 1999
Spotlight on business of festivals
Jun 1999
External catering
Mar 1999
Are restaurants full?
Feb 1999
New hotels
Jan 1999
Travel agencies
Oct 1998
Food franchises
Sep 1998
Rental car business
Jul 1998
Tour operators
Apr 1998
Planning a business event
Feb 1998
Original hotel star rating system
Jan 1998
Getting a restaurant license
Nov 1997