Covid-19 response Innovative products, solutions and initiatives
Nov 2020
Improved support for manufacturing
Jan 2019
Diversifying export markets and purchasers - What will happen in 2018
Jan 2018
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Challenges in exports
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Large manufacturers
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Movers and shakers in the manufacturing industry
Apr 2017
Outlook 2017: Industrial expansion
Mar 2017
Adding Value to ‘Made in Lebanon’
Oct 2016
Wine industry loses key player
Sep 2016
Small producers are large exporters
Aug 2016
Manufacturing: Basic products exported to poor markets, value added ones to rich countries
Aug 2016
Agro-Industries have an awareness of international standards and practices
Aug 2016
Wine: Small wineries are gaining a greater foothold in international markets
Aug 2016
Olive oil: Production enhancement and packaging deliver greater world recognition
Aug 2016
Outlook 2016: Optimistic outlook
Jan 2016
Outlook 2016: Brilliant performance
Jan 2016
Fine wine: The national wine institute will consolidate a global, reputation for excellence among local producers
Jun 2015
Bakeries: The development of bakeries industries
Sep 2014
Major players: Top water industries
Aug 2014
UN refugee assistance opens door to local companies
Mar 2014
Agenda 2014 of Industry sector
Jan 2014
Yes, Made in Lebanon: Eight unexpected local industries
Dec 2013
Factory in the city: Manufacturers call for industrial cities
Dec 2013
The 15 biggest industrial groups
Dec 2013
Industrial figures
Dec 2013
In my opinion: Neemat Frem
Dec 2013
Interview: Vrej Sabounjian, Minister of Industry
Dec 2013
Growth industries forge ahead: Some industrial sectors are growing, others declining
Dec 2013
Industrial innovation
Dec 2013
New indigenous manufactures: growth of new industries in the local market
Dec 2013
Exporting Knowhow: Building on quality- High manufacturing standards lead to success in foreign markets
Sep 2013
New services by the Association of Industrialists: Quick credit, export matchmaking...
May 2012
Exports have increased six folds: Industrial goods exports have been growing steadily
Apr 2012
Survey. A report by the Ministry of Industry identifying more than 4,000 industrial establishments
Jul 2011
Industrial Output - An overview of industrial production and value added
Jul 2011
Thriving industrial exports: Exporters ride out economic turbulence
Jul 2011
Emerging Trends: New technologies help companies improve manufactured products
Jul 2011
The largest manufacturing groups: Listing
Jul 2011
Creative industries: Investing in research and development can open new opportunities for enterprise
Apr 2011
Wine industry: Our own Mount Napa
Apr 2010
The froth on the soap: Bringing the ancient art of soap-making into modern times
Nov 2009
Agro-industries break barriers: Local manufacturers are striving to meet international quality standards
Sep 2009
Contraction hits manufacturers: Mixed performances in exports
Apr 2009
Local industries; Industrial evolution
Nov 2008
Elevator manufacturers are looking abroad to earn big money
Jul 2008
Exporting food products
May 2008
Ceramics manufacturers: Facing rising energy costs and competition from abroad
Apr 2008
Fruit of the vine
Jan 2008
Expanding beyond the borders - Do's and don'ts
Dec 2007
Made in Lebanon: Local cosmetics manufacturers are competing international brands
Dec 2007
Made in Lebanon: Kitchenware - Kitchen designs have become trendier
Nov 2007
Kitchen manufacturers: A selection
Nov 2007
Made in Lebanon: Saving their skins- The leather goods business has been contracting
Oct 2007
Local coffees are brewing in foreign markets
Sep 2007
Furniture: building a solid sector
Aug 2007
Local springs should begin to spout big profits: Demand has increased for local mineral water
Jul 2007
The future of the olive oil business looks healthy
May 2007
Manufacturing success: Good labor force and export ability
Dec 2006
Lebanese industries suffering a heavy blow
Nov 2006
Export: Searching for a niche market in Europe
Jul 2006
Juice manufacturers squeezed in the local market
Jun 2006
Textile manufacturers are exporting and franchising
May 2006
Printing of a special kind
Apr 2006
Food manufacturers face competition by exporting
Apr 2006
Ceramics and sanitary ware
Mar 2006
Made in Lebanon: a study of the main industrial sectors
Mar 2006
ELCIM encourages SMEs to focus on exports
Jan 2006
The Ministry of Industry has launched a three-phase program designed to breathe life back into the industrial sector
Oct 2005
Launch of Elcim II with 17 million Euros budget
Aug 2005
Proposals for industry
Jun 2005
The chocolate business
Jan 2005
Cement producers target regional markets
Aug 2004
Industry gears up to face globalization
May 2004
Tissue producers tap niche markets to survive
Mar 2004
Government ends sugar subsidy program
Feb 2004
Aluminum sector proves it is tough
Dec 2003
Making ice-cream a year-round business
Oct 2003
Olive oil reaches international market
Sep 2003
Silverware producers seeking the world market
Aug 2003
Challenges facing the industry
Jul 2003
Creative industries
Jul 2003
The ceramic sector
Jun 2003
The dairy industry
May 2003
Industry benefits of Iraq reconstruction
May 2003
Encouraging Lebanese firms to choose domestic manufacturers
Apr 2003
Jewelry and software lead industrial exports
Apr 2003
Fragrance production
Feb 2003
Carbonated drinks
Feb 2003
New measures revive industry
Jan 2003
Olive oil
Dec 2002
Haute couture
Oct 2002
Industrial modernization
Jun 2002
Industrial revolution
Apr 2002
Sweets market
Feb 2002
Clothing industry
Jun 2001
Tobacco industry
Apr 2001
Alcohol industry
Dec 2000
Industrial survey updated
Oct 2000
Mineral water
Sep 2000
Comparative industrial costs
Mar 2000
Role and functions of the Industrial Institute
Nov 1999
Cement wars
Oct 1999
New factories
May 1999
Apr 1999
Industrial zoning
Feb 1999
Forum for industrial investment
Dec 1998
Promoting exports: How companies are pushing to open overseas market
Nov 1998
Jewelry market
Nov 1998
Plastics industry
Oct 1998
Updating industrial machinery
Sep 1998
Agro industries
Aug 1998
Cosmetics industry
Jul 1998
Jun 1998
Export know-how: Getting your products on to the international market
May 1998
Industrial incentives
Mar 1998
Jan 1998
Paper industry
Nov 1997
Oct 1997
Furniture manufacturing
Sep 1997