Real estate: Apartments replace bank deposits
Nov 2020
End-of-year rising demand
Feb 2020
Parking funds in real estate
Feb 2020
Still building appartments
Sep 2019
More of the same: The real state of real estate
Feb 2019
Real Estate: Developers are focused on finishing their projects
Jan 2019
Busting the Myth: the property sector is still moving
Aug 2018
Sales are holding up: Activity is hindered by the housing loan crisis. Some developers are heading towards lease-to-own models
Jun 2018
InfoPro Real Estate Index: Prices are going up and down
Jun 2018
Residency for foreign property buyers temporarily suspended by the Constitutional Council
May 2018
InfoPro Real Estate Indices: Prices downwards, inventory up
Apr 2018
Real estate sector headed for flexibility - What will happen in 2018
Jan 2018
Real estate market heading toward equilibrium
Dec 2017
Supply and demand | New construction is applying the brakes, while sales improved in many areas and market categories
Dec 2017
International Brokers: Worldwide repute with local flavor
Jul 2017
Cover story: Gated communities – The modern village
May 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Boons and curses
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Large developers
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Large iconic projects in the last year
Apr 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Real estate influencers
Apr 2017
Cover story: Real estate market view across five cazas
Dec 2016
Cover story: The real state of real estate in Greater Beirut
Dec 2016
Foreigners are still buying
Nov 2016
Real estate price guide
Aug 2016
Cover story: Residential projects are starting to increase
Jul 2016
Cover story: Good deals for luxury apartments
Jun 2016
Public wealth: State and municipal properties
Feb 2016
Real estate outlook 2016: Engines still running
Jan 2016
Real estate of real estate: Overview of the sector
Dec 2015
Home ‘tiny’ sweet home
Nov 2015
New construction technologies
Oct 2015
Tripoli: Property revival
Sep 2015
What does $1 million buy?: A small flat in a prime location, or a whole lot of space out-of-town
Jul 2015
Top twenty $1 million apartments in Beirut and outside it
Jul 2015
Properties 2015: Newly published Properties shows slower growth, in supply and shrinking rates of absorption
Jun 2015
When land marries money: How to strike a partnership between landowners and developers
Mar 2015
Pass the parcel: Land merging and partitioning
Dec 2014
Buying in the suburbs: As demand in the city slumps
Nov 2014
Marketing properties: New ways that developers use to sell a property
Sep 2014
Sector overview: Field survey shows increases in sales and supply
Sep 2014
Homebuyers’ desires: Clients want to personalize their home and live in gated communities
Jul 2014
New rental law passed by Parliament: Pre-1992 rents to rise over six years
May 2014
Where are property values heading? Developers are adapting their offers but should cut their profit margin
Apr 2014
Investing in land: Empty lots remain a firm investment that guarantees profitability
Mar 2014
Rent prices have gone up
Feb 2014
Agenda 2014 of Real Estate sector
Jan 2014
Interior design into the main stream: Trendy concepts and reasonable prices
Dec 2013
Cover Story- Real estate by the Numbers: Price-area survey, Upcoming areas,Largest projects ,Unique concepts, Most active developers
Oct 2013
Exporting Knowhow: Building more than just structures
Sep 2013
One third of sales of residences are expats
Aug 2013
Landscaping: adds value to properties
Jun 2013
Property and facilities management: More money in fixing buildings than making them
Jan 2013
Heritage versus development: The battle between new construction developments and Beirut's historical buildings
Oct 2012
The price of sea view: An unblockable view of the Mediterranean can command up to a 50 percent premium
Jul 2012
Realty 2012: Small budgets, small families, small residential units
Jan 2012
Developing mountain peaks
Nov 2011
Starting new projects in a market slump
Sep 2011
The apetite of non-residents
Aug 2011
The business of interiors
May 2011
Apartments under $500K
Mar 2011
Landmark buildings are what's novel (landmark buildings have been rising across Beirut's skyline)
Oct 2010
No Bubble (Real estate growth is expected to slow with no price bubble forecast)
Aug 2010
Gulf real estate developers are coming back
Feb 2010
Outperforming fund managers: Real Estate has grown at 20 percent for the past six years
Feb 2010
Next frontier: Middle market
Jan 2010
Extra Parking: Buying a spot can cost more than the car
Nov 2009
Out of recession: The residential real estate sector sees the light at the end of the tunnel
Oct 2009
Trend setters: Institutionalized developers tower over the property market
Sep 2009
10 Trend-setting developers
Sep 2009
Slow but steady growth in a resilient sector (Demand on real estate)
Aug 2009
A corrective wave in a sea of growth: The recovery of the corrective wave
Apr 2009
Experts say: The market is holding
Apr 2009
New or old property? A purchasing decision (Prices of older appartments are affected by location and ammenities)
Jan 2009
The future of local property: No sub-prime
Dec 2008
More than 250 new projects profiled (Residential Properties)
Aug 2008
Apartments in Beirut are cheaper than you think.
Apr 2008
2008 is promising for real estate
Jan 2008
Real estate prices going up
Dec 2007
Old properties - Saving grace (Renovating old houses can become rewarding)
Nov 2007
Young urban professionals: The Yuppies enter the market
Jul 2007
Beach Chalets: Time for a Good Buy
Jun 2007
Local clients keeping the real estate sector alive
May 2007
Rise in the price of construction materials
May 2007
Uncertainty is an obstacle to investor confidence
Apr 2007
Stars by design (Lebanese architectural talent conquers the globe)
Mar 2007
A good buy… regardless (Real estate investment is profitable in the long term )
Dec 2006
Real estate poised for revival
Nov 2006
Future trends: Areas most attractive to investors
Jul 2006
Coastal and mountain hot spots attract Arab investors
Jun 2006
Solidere: Demand for land increasing
May 2006
Building boom
Oct 2005
Real estate boom buoyed by new breed of investors
Aug 2005
Air conditioning sector pins hope on stability
Jun 2005
Demand for sanitary products increases
Apr 2005
Mountaintop resorts are attracting investors
Dec 2004
Financial funds target the real estate sector
Sep 2004
Real estate upward cycle is underway
Aug 2004
Old vs new: To rehabilitate or to knock down?
Jul 2004
Foreign architects for innovative projects in Beirut
Jun 2004
Residential demand to increase toward the suburbs
Oct 2003
New markets emerging
Jul 2003
Central Bank to set up huge real estate company
May 2003
Luxury seafront developments
Sep 2002
Real estate benefits from Arab investment trend
Aug 2002
Solutions for seashore violations
Jun 2002
The real estate revival
May 2002
Professionals regain control of the market
Apr 2002
Back to ‘realty’ for apartment market
Mar 2000
Contractors turn the corner
Mar 2000
Contractors almost get their money
Jan 2000
Sector survey - It’s a buyers’ market
Dec 1999
Exploring the shoreline
Aug 1999
Real estate holdings of banks
Jun 1999
Rent or Buy?
Jun 1999
Real estate sales
May 1999
Foreign investment
May 1999
Living in the suburbs
Apr 1999
The rental market
Feb 1999
Hot areas
Jan 1999
Luxury apartments
Nov 1998
Ski chalets
Nov 1997
Investing in a beach chalet
Jun 1997
Planned communities and model towns
May 1997