The key to the crisis where do the dollars go?
Oct 2019
Maintaining monetary stability
Oct 2019
Commotion at exchange counters
Oct 2019
Banks as magnets of dollars
Oct 2019
Exposure to exchange risk
Oct 2019
Income tax increase on top bracket
Oct 2019
2020 budget
Oct 2019
Eurobonds jump to the tunes of politics
Feb 2019
Interest rates to remain up
Feb 2018
Remittances: The rock-solid flow of hard currencies
Aug 2017
The Governor’s new term and evading the crisis
Jul 2017
Investment returns
Jul 2017
Banking ranking
May 2017
Whose interests are served by deepening the crisis and sailing toward the unknown?
May 2017
Cover story: 20th Anniversary – Banks occupy first place
Apr 2017
Outlook 2017: Political upturn helps banks thrive
Mar 2017
Register: Bank deposits continue to grow
Nov 2016
External exposure and economic fallback
Sep 2016
The anatomy of bank revenues
Sep 2016
Banks are in good health, thank you
Sep 2016
Electronic payment tools: Turning bucks into bytes
Mar 2016
Standard mobile payment app
Mar 2016
Iran after the nuclear deal
Feb 2016
Banking & Finance outlook 2016: Profits nudging up
Jan 2016
Viewpoint: Climate change and banks
Jan 2016
Private equity firms eye the middle market
Dec 2015
Banking secrecy
Nov 2015
The economy also needs a popular movement
Oct 2015
No additional provisions are expected: Banks have succeeded in covering market risks and improving the quality of their portfolios
Jun 2015
Banking ranking 2013-2014: Steady growth and enhanced stability in the banking sector
Apr 2015
Combating Terrorism: Urgent need for a better legal framework
Mar 2015
Mathaf is turning into a banking hub
Dec 2014
Pampering big money; Service for the wealthiest individuals means cutting edge products and stiff competition
Nov 2014
Annual remittances exceed $7 billion
Nov 2014
Top public revenues and expenses: Sources of public revenues and how they are spent
Sep 2014
The tax trip: Follow the revenue sources and expenditure destinations
Sep 2014
Taxation: Income tax is very low relative to the GDP. Evasion is not the only reason
Sep 2014
New market indices: Banks and institutions are rushing to better gauge trends
Apr 2014
Strongest commercial banking activity in three years
Apr 2014
Equity funding schemes: Incubators and accelerators, Angel investors, venture capitals...
Nov 2013
Makram Sader- Economic associations: Where is the Government?
Nov 2013
The banks are solid…But it’s a fight!: Profits of banks are under pressure.
Sep 2013
Makram Sader: Will the monetary and banking policy stop covering poor political management of the economy
Sep 2013
The true impact of the Syrian situation: Makram Sader opinion
Aug 2013
Stability in banking performance
May 2013
Investment banks turn to the private sector: reduced their exposure to the public sector
Oct 2012
A deep-rooted history: Fighting money laundering and terrorism financing
Oct 2012
Corporate governance in banks
Aug 2012
Banking on expansion
Jun 2012
Whose on top and why: Analyzing the results of the local commercial banks beauty contest
Jun 2012
FATCA is coming: New US tax regulation will follow its citizens and residents anywhere they live, including here
May 2012
Fighting money laundering and terrorist financing
May 2012
Big bang of big banks: The top banks' growth & performance
Apr 2012
Caution in a transition: Makram Sader (Banking sector should be cautious about financial and monetary authorities)
Oct 2011
Proposal for a new vision: Makram Sader (Investment banks have failed to achieve the purpose for which they were established)
Sep 2011
The money men are gearing for fierce competition (financial companies are expanding)
Sep 2011
Negative bank outlook
Aug 2011
Lebanese banks and Syrian events
Aug 2011
Banking sector will sustain public finances in the face of a slowdown
May 2011
The big picture (Growth of banking sector in spite of financial crisis)
Apr 2011
Ranks of Banks (The top ten in size, growth trends, efficiency, and effectiveness)
Apr 2011
Now for serious investment: Investment banks got a scolding by the Central Bank
Oct 2010
Smaller banks hold on to their niche
Sep 2010
Asset class ( Local banks posted healthy growth in 2009, dollarization is down)
Apr 2010
Banking on sound monetary and fiscal policies (Makram Sader)
Apr 2010
Still interesting (Rates on bank deposits)
Mar 2010
Big banks getting even larger
Feb 2010
Wanted: A new balancing act (Local economy and banks defy the global crisis)
Oct 2009
The glutton banks: Banks have a cash flow problem in excess liquidity
Sep 2009
Don't miss this opportunity, by Marwan Iskandar (lifting of banking secrecy in Switzerland by USA and how the banking sector in Lebanon can benefit from that)
Sep 2009
The one billion dollar answer (Bank profits: Where do they come from)
Aug 2009
Local banks immunity to global crisis - Are our banks safe?
Nov 2008
Marwan Barakat explains how local banks remained immune to the global financial crisis
Nov 2008
Foreign-owned commercial banks enter the local market
Aug 2008
The banks did it right in 2007
Apr 2008
Local banks are expanding their settlements abroad
Aug 2007
A healthy growth of the banking sector in 2006
Mar 2007
The banking sector little harmed as a result of the July 06 war
Nov 2006
Effects of the war on banking sector
Nov 2006
Islamic banking: How different?
Jul 2006
Banks register modest growth rate
Apr 2006
Bancassurance: Banks reap rewards of diversifying in insurance market
Feb 2006
Just how secret is banking really? (Banking secrecy law into the limelight again)
Nov 2005
Adapting with the times: Banks reap rewards of new strategies
Oct 2005
Money matters: Confidence revealed through the level of reserves, rates, and yields (financial indicators)
Oct 2005
The ups and downs of lira deposit rates
Aug 2005
Banking boom: New Infopro study shows double-digit growth
Dec 2004
Islamic banking takes off: Expansion plans unfold, targeting all sectors of the population
Nov 2004
Basel II: A challenge to Lebanese banks?
Aug 2004
Banks go regional with expansion plans
Jun 2004
Interest rates cut down to the bones
Mar 2004
Dollarization rate
Jan 2004
Lending rates finally start to fall (rates on loan have been coming down across the board)
Dec 2003
Small banks are still thriving
Oct 2003
What happened to investment banks?: Staying the course, adapting to change
Mar 2003
Banks maintain profits while depositors subsidize government
Jan 2003
Banks sacrificing profits for financial strength
Jun 2002
Bank earnings
Mar 2002
Bank consolidations
Feb 2002
Banks moves into insurance big-time
May 2001
BankTrak survey shows customers have doubled
Nov 2000
Setting up a financial institution
Sep 2000
Banking Control Commission
Aug 2000
Sitting on the money: Banks swimming in cash ($4 billion of the banks assets are in liquid form)
Aug 2000
Banking secrecy attacked
Jul 2000
Bank profits pause for breath
Mar 2000
Banking profits
Aug 1999
Bank branches
Jul 1999
Representative offices of foreign banks
Jun 1999
Banking secrecy
Jan 1999
Lebanon's banks: solid base for the economy (Banking sector in excellent health)
Feb 1998
Foreign banks make a comeback
Sep 1997
IFC (The International Finance Corporation) is looking to develop the financial sector (Interview with André Hovaguimian, Middle East Director at the IFC)
Jun 1997