Residents population at 4.8 million
Feb 2020
A changing population | Fewer children, more old people. Migration leading to demographic shifts
Sep 2017
Cover story: Understanding millennials
Feb 2017
Le nec plus ultra: 25 most expensive luxury products and services in the local market
Nov 2014
Brand Survey: Top 100 national brands
Jul 2013
Oil & Gas Market Study by Lebanon Opportunities
May 2013
A mix estate of real estate: Infopro real estate survey findings
Jun 2012
Easy Listening: research study by Infopro to discover the trends of the local music industry
Feb 2012
Reading between the lines: Infopro study about people who buy books and reads
Jan 2012
It's the Mall or the High Street: Infopro Research survey investigates the shopping habits
Nov 2011
Comparative advantage : survey about companies conducted by the World Bank
Oct 2010
Data-rich websites
Jul 2010
Surviving an International crisis: A Survey by Infopro indicating the impact of the international crisis on the local economy
Apr 2009
Lebanese employees - still hopeful: Lebanese workers in Gulf still optimistic about the job market
Apr 2009
Inflation hits hard after the July 2006 war
Mar 2007
Household figures divulged: The Central Administration of Statistics issued the results of a study on the living conditions of households
Nov 2006
Corruption index, regional growth and financial crisis
Nov 2003
Labor market to double in 20 years
Oct 2003
Unemployment survey by USJ
Aug 2002
Employment figures
Apr 2002
Market research: Internet overview
Nov 2000