June 16-17 2004 from 3 till 9
Convention Center @ Dbayeh
Organized by
Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Business Network


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  June 16  
 Time Zone: 6:00 - 7:00 
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your product
Presentation: Ramsay Najjar – - S-2-C  
Panel: Ramez Maluf – LAU (Moderator), Bernard Fattal – Ets. Khalil Fattal & Fils, Hussein Rifai – Libancell, Tony Salameh - Aishti  
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Beirut Emerging
Technology Zone
Presentation: Samih Barbir - IDAL
Panel: Charbel Fakhoury – Microsoft, Jalal Fawaz – PCA  
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Real Estate
  Profits in building
Presentation: Habib Masri – Masri & Associés  
Panel: Samir Khairallah (Moderator), Georges Nour - Solidere  
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Lebanon status
Presentation: Fadi Makki – Ministry of Economy and Trade  
Panel: Fadi Abboud -Association of Industrialists (Moderator), Kamel Abdallah – Kettaneh, Roy Badaro - Chamber of Commerce, Zafiris Tzannatos - AUB  
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 Time Zone: 7:00 - 8:00 
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Franchising your
local restaurant
Presentation: Walid Maalouf & Ralph Nader – Synergy
Panel: Pierre Ashkar – Association of Toursim Syndicates (Moderator), Paul Ariss – Syndicate of restaurant owners, Dory Daccache – Crepaway  
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Supply and demand
of labor in IT
Presentation: Imad Bashour – InfoPro  
Panel: Claude Bahsali – MDS, Nicolas Nehmeh - SAB  
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Financial investments
Profiting from
treasury issues
Presentation: Jihad Azour – Head of the UNDP unit at the Ministry of Finance  
Panel: : Makram Sader – Association of Banks (Moderator), Fadi Osseiran – Blom Investment Bank  
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  June 17  
   Time Zone: 5:00 - 6:00   
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Opportunities in Retail
Retail Opportunities in New Shopping Centers  
Presentation: Bernard Mouchbahani - ProFinance, and Michael Dunn - Michael Dunn & Associates  
Panel: Naaman Atallah – Middle East Council of Shopping Centers and Solidere (Moderator), Ralph Eid - Group Eid
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  Local effect of the fluctuating Euro  
Presentation: Roula Rizk – Economic unit at the Ministry of Finance
Panel: Armand Pharès – RDCL (Moderator), Marwan Iskandar – Iskandar&Associates, Abdo Sweidan - Rymco  
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 Time Zone: 6:00 - 7:00 
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Overcoming barriers to export  
Presentation: Imad Bashour – InfoPro  
Panel: Omar Razzaz – The World Bank (Moderator), Wajih Bizri – Association of Industrialists and the Economic Forum, Majed Hamoudeh - Escwa  
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Ethics in Business
Corporate Governance  
Presentation: Charles Adwan – Lebanese Transparency Association

Panel: H.E. Nasser Saidi (Moderator), Fadi Saab - American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Fouad Zmokhol - RDCL

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Public sector
Business Opportunities with the Public sector  
Presentation: Hisham Nasser -CDR and Raymond Khoury - Omsar
Panel: Sh. Fouad Al-Khazen - Association of Public Works Contractors (Moderator), Nabil AbdelNour – Quantech, Maroun Helou - Abniah
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 Time Zone: 7:00 - 8:00 
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Turning receivables into cash  
Presentation: Habib Masri – Masri & Associés
Panel: Fadi Abou Diab - Federal Bank, Tony Choueiry, Karim Nasrallah - LCI
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Real Estate
Areas of growth in real estate  
Presentation: Raja Makarem – Ramco
Panel: Nabil Sawabini - Mena Capital (Moderator), Maher Daouk - Solidere, Raphael Sabbagha - Group Ashada  
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