Currency in circulation dropped by 31 percent
Hotel occupancy dropped in 2023
Monoprix is back via franchise to Spinneys owner
$34 million plan to restore fiscal management functions
Court revokes writing off BDL obligations to banks
Manara Dairy builds plant adds butter and new cheeses
Depositors allowed to withdraw $150 per month
Solidere shares up ten percent amid a surge in trading volume
Number of firms reporting sales growth rises four times
Airport passenger traffic up 12 percent
UN projects GDP growth reaching 1.7 percent in 2024
Remittances are stable for third consecutive year
Lollar is closer to become useless
All offshore gas blocks are open for exploration
Founder of Toy Market Kamal Sinno passes away
World Bank says GDP to shrink due to Gaza war
Decentralized renewable energy generation approved
Gaza war adds 26,000 to the poor in Lebanon
Non-residential rent to be freed in two to four years
Pension system law is finally promulgated