Mövenpick Hotel

There is something for everyone
Company owners, CEOs, CFOs, accounting managers, economists, HR managers, manufacturers, exporters, marketing and communication managers, real estate developers and brokers, investment bankers, investors, tax specialists, risk managers
Real Estate, Technologies, Marketing and branding, Green Business, Finance. Other: Propose!
Program sessions
  • REAL ESTATE: Real State of Real Estate, Income Producing Properties, Renovation
  • MARKETING: Brand Influencers in Social Media, The Future of Advertising, Google in Business
  • TECHNOLOGIES: Cyber Security
  • SALES AND MANAGEMENT: GIS-based Business Solutions, Selling to the Public Sector, Sales Team Building
  • FINANCE: Newest Equity Funds, Fintech
  • GREEN BUSINESS: Renewable Energy, Recycling
2017 Conference
Around 1,600 people attended the Business Opportunities in Lebanon 2-day conference held at the Mövenpick hotel. The conference was inaugurated with 1,200 attendees, followed by 16 specialized workshops.

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