September 27-28 2005 from 5:00 till 8:30
Convention Center @ Dbayeh

  September 27  
 Time Zone: 1
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  Creating successful boutique hotels  
Moderator: Pierre Achkar – Union of Tourism Syndicates  
Bernard Mouchbahani – Profinance
Christian Fernainé - Ulysses Management and Consulting
Marwan Kheireddine – Al-Mawarid Bank, Royal resorts
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  Do you really know your clients? Techniques.  
Moderator: Raffy Semerdjian  
Presentation: Imad Bashour – InfoPro Research  
Anthony Ussher - Standard Chartered Bank
Marwan El Khoury - McDonald's
George Helou - Casper&Gambini's
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  Micro-finance: Uncovered opportunity or competitor?  
Moderator: H.E. Majid Joumblat – Vice Governor of The Central Bank  
Presentation: Dr. Youssef El-Khalil – The Central Bank  
Dr. Youssef Fawaz
– Al-Majmouaa
Mr. Fady Sader
– Retail Banking at Credit Libanais
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 Time Zone: 2
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Landmark projects: Practical effects on real estate  
Moderator: Michael Dunn
Presentation: Dr. George Arbid - American Univeristy of Beirut
Discussion and project presentations:
Nabil Gholam – NG Architecture
Rami Hourié– Hourié Development
Oussama Kabbani - Millenium Development
Angus Gavin - Solidere
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Advertising and promotional investment: Below the belt  
Presentation: Ramsay Najjar – S2C  
Nabil Fahed – Fahed Supermarket
Jamale Rassi – Adline
Rasmus Kjeldsen - Arla Foods
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Protecting your business against terror  
Ayman El Hout – Bankers Assurance
Sami Zod – Zod Security
Khalil Nakib – NIGC
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  September 28  
   Time Zone: 1  
Room A   Room B   Room C  
  Lebanese securities: Still a good investment?  
Moderator: Fadi Osseiran – BLOM Invest Bank
Presentation: Nabil Chaya – Audi Saradar Group  
Mounir Douaidy –
Roula Rizk – Ministry of Finance
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  Calculating the real value of your brand  
Moderator: Joe Ayache, Impact BBDO  
Presentation: Imad Bashour – InfoPro Research  
Mohamed Samir - Procter & Gamble
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Just in: Bilateral Talks with the US and effect on WTO accession  
Moderator: Nabil de Freije, Chairman of the Economic Committee in Parliament
Presentation: Fadi Makki – Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Trade
Armand Pharès - President RDCL
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 Time Zone: 2
Room A   Room B   Room C
Real Estate Funds: A new vehicle for investment  
Moderator: Karim Salameh - Al Ahli Investment Bank
Jean Riachi - Financial Funds Advisors (FFA)
Walid Musallam - Middle East Capital Group
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Hospitality welcomes resorts  
Moderator: Fadi Saab - International Chamber of Commerce - Lebanon
Serene Mawlawi - Profinance

Ralph Nader - Synergy
James Billings - SRI International

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Oil & Gas exploration: Upstream and Midstream Opportunities  
Moderator: Roudi Baroudi
Pierre Benichou
- TGS Nopec
Richard Monbaillard - Elf Total
Pierre El Khoury
- Energy Engineer
Lara Kallas - Geologist
Me. Hector Farina - Lawyer
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