September 10  
 Time Zone: 5:00 pm
Room A
On the road to economic recovery
  • H.E. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
    State of the Economy
  • H.E. Jihad Azour, the Minister of Finance
    The role of the public sector: A vision for the future
  • Demba Ba, Country Manager, The World Bank
    Social protection programs
  • Julia Brickell, Country Officer, IFC
    Recovery for the private sector
  • Raouf Youssef, Mission Director, USAID
    Partnership for Lebanon
    Economic recovery has been a national priority since the end of the last summerís war. A national recovery plan was proposed at the Paris III conference and donors have started to channel some of the $7.6 billion promised to the public and private sector. During this session, various decision makers will take stock of what has been achieved and what is in store in the months to come

      September 11  
     Time Zone: 5:00 pm
    Room A
    Opportunties in the telecom sector
  • Nabih Maroun - Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Ziad Hayek - Higher Council of Privatization
  • Imad Hoballah - Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Fadi Moubarak - Cisco
    The telecom sector is about to be deregulated. How will it unfold, and what opportunities will it open to the private sector? The main actors in this endeavor will share their plans and outlook, together with input from the private sector
    Room B
    Labor: Problem Solving
  • Roger Nasnas - Economic and Social Council
  • Jennifer Abu-Mrad - InfoPro Research
  • Nada Al-Nashif - International Labour Office
  • Ghassan Ghosn - CGTL
  • Camille Menassa - RDCL
    Labor issues have been sidelined by national consciousness for too long. It needs a total overhaul and better collaboration between employers and employees. The war last summer has exacerbated the problems. This workshop will outline the main issues and get the feedback of representatives of labor and management, as well as best practice from the ILO
    Room C
    Expanding outside Lebanon
  • Mounir Douaidy - Solidere
  • Chadia El Meouchi - Badri & Salim El Meouchi Law Firm
    Case Studies
  • Saad Azhari - BLOM Bank
  • Talal Makdessi - THG The Holding Group
  • Robert Fadel - ABC
    Is the local market too small for your ambitions? Many companies are now setting up businesses outside the national border. This workshop will demonstrate what it takes to be as successful in foreign markets as inside the country
    Room D
    Real Estate: Developing for the local market
  • Georges Abou Jaoude - FFA Private Bank
  • Joe Kanaan - Sodeco Gestion
  • Victor Najjarian - Care Group
    After growing to attract non-resident buyers, the real estate sector is now also catering to local buyers. During this workshop, customer preferences, and developer activities will be exposed, as well as innovative financial platforms to invest in real estate projects
     Time Zone: 6:30 pm
    Room A
    WTO: Getting ready
  • Jennifer Abu-Mrad - InfoPro Research
  • Ziad Abdel Samad - ANND
  • Mohsen Helal - Escwa
  • Henry Hafez - Federation of Chambers of Commerce Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon
    All the trade routes lead to the World Trade Organization. But are we ready? Are Lebanese companies aware of whatís at stake? What are the implications of WTO on the economy and what is the social impact of accession to WTO?
    Room B
    Human development challenges
  • Riad Dimechkie - AUB
  • Rana Salhab - Deloitte & Touche
    Case Studies
  • Jacqueline Moukheiber - Bank Audi - Audi Saradar Group
  • Nicole Bakhache - Algorithm
    One of the main issues facing companies is retaining its workforce, especially those lured by job offers in the Gulf and beyond. This workshop will look at best practice methods with case studies from leading companies
    Room C
    Franchising your business
  • Charles Arbid - Lebanese Franchise Association
  • Nicolas Faure - Consultant
  • Karim Torbey - Henry Torbey Office
    Case Studies
  • Anthony Maalouf - Casper and Gambini's
  • Dany Bachir - Rectangle Jaune
    Many companies have demonstrated successful business models that other entrepreneurs can take part of. This workshop will explain what it takes for a franchise to be successful, both for franchisors and franchisees
    Room D
    Financing your development
  • Edgard Joujou - KPMG
  • Marwan Salem - FFA Private Bank
  • Nagy Rizk - The Bader Building Block Fund
  • Maroun Chammas - Berytech
    Financing startups and growth companies is essential to economic recovery. What are the options available for equity finance? What level of debt is optimal? How to convince financiers to put their money in bright ideas or successful companies?

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