Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities
 EVERY MONTH, COVERING REAL ESTATE, FINANCE, BUSINESS, AND ECONOMY Lebanon Opportunities   Lebanon Opportunities  
Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities InfoPro signs agreement to publish BusinessWeek in Arabic Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities

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Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities
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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Is Lebanon Opportunities part of a government agency?
A: While we see public service as a pillar of our corporate mission, we are not part of any public sector entity. Our company and publications are not affiliated with any government agency.

Q: Is Lebanon Opportunities affiliated with a political party or leader?
Lebanon Opportunities is completely independent. It is completely apolitical and does not belong nor supports any political party, faction, area, confession, leader, in government or in the opposition, now nor at any time. Its only source of income is advertising, subscriptions, and copy sales. No single source of advertising or subscription is large enough to be able to influence the magazine.


Q: How do I get a press release published in Lebanon Opportunities?
Lebanon Opportunities publishes its own articles. As a rule, it does not simply run press releases. We are however interested in your news. Please send your press release and/or other communication material to the attention of the editorial department by clicking on Editorial under "To contact us" in the left sidebar.

Q: Do I have to pay to get my news or company covered in Lebanon Opportunities?
A:It is our policy to insulate the editorial department and the content it creates from any commercial activity. Our only loyalty is to our readers. This means that it is at the editorial department's discretion to decide what goes into the publication and in what format. You are encouraged to keep in touch with the department and send us your ideas and news. But the only factors that influence the editorial content is the newsworthiness and informational value of each received item to fit the profile of our readers.

Q: Why is Lebanon Opportunities always so optimistic about the situation? Don't you see what mess this country is in?
A: This is a one-track-minded magazine. Its mission is to shed light on existing opportunities. Daily newspapers and many other periodicals have a more general purpose, and cover all sorts of things, including our country's misfortunes. Lebanon Opportunities is not 'optimistic'. Except for the op-ed by the editor-in-chief, all articles are either news items (hard facts), or useful features that describe a certain business or economic sector.

Q: How accurate are the real estate prices you publish?
A: Prices published are averages for specific areas. Each average has a standard deviation associated with it. This deviation varies from place to place. In plain English, the prices characterize the predominant character of a particular street. For example, most buildings in Gemmayzeh are old buildings. A new construction will fetch higher per square meter than the rest of the buildings in the street. So the price indicated does not take it into account. Many factors affect the price of a real estate property. This includes which side of the street it is on, surrounding areas, zoning, special issues with the property itself like water availability, corner spot, provisions by the municipality on that particular plot, etc. For this reason, those prices must be used only as guides to give you an idea about the price bracket of properties in a certain area. You should not use these prices to place a valuation on any particular property.


Q: I am a subscriber to Lebanon Opportunities but I always get my copy late. Why is that? Am I better off just buying it from the bookstore?
There are two main reasons why you might be facing this problem:
1) Lebanon Opportunities is published during the first week of every month. However, many people think it is published on the 1st of the month. So when they get their copy on the 3rd of the month, they think they are late.
2) We have more than 4,000 subscribers. Neither the postal system in Lebanon nor any other delivery company is capable of delivering such a quantity in under 3 days and allow us to keep the magazine's current cost as it is.
Some people find it more suitable to rely on bookstores rather than a subscription. Lebanon Opportunities is available in around 1,000 points of sale. However, a subscription will ensure that you receive your magazine every month without fail. It is often difficult to remember or find time to go to the bookstore in the first 2 days of the month. In addition, if you are traveling, or just too busy, we make sure that Lebanon Opportunities is still delivered to you. And it is free of charge!

Q: I want to report a change of address. What should I do?
A: call, write, or click on Subscriber Services under "To contact us" in the left sidebar.


Q: How do I get a price discount for my ad in Lebanon Opportunities?
A: We follow a strict rate card policy. This means that no under-the-table deals are made. Our rate card already contains our best prices. We offer a special deal of one free ad for every five paid. Some clients with very large budgets in Lebanon Opportunities and our other publications have negotiated better deals based on large volume pre-paid agreements.

Q: I do not have an advertising agency. Can I still advertise with you?
A: Of course. We have a sales team at your service. However, we advise you to resort to an advertising agency. In the long run, it is more cost-effective for you.

Q: Which advertising agency would you advise me to work with?
A:We do not recommend specific advertising agencies. There are many good companies you can work with. Beware of non-professionals. Check a company's reputation, former and current clients, and the media they advertise in before you make a commitment.

Q: I do not have an advertising agency. Can I benefit from the ad agency discount?
A: No. Our relationship with the advertising agency is much more than an intermediary commission. We work hand-in-hand with advertising agencies to present optimal solutions to advertisers. In addition, the advertising agency plays the role of a retailer with yearly volumes. The advertiser is the retailer's client and cannot therefore benefit from wholesale pricing.

Q: I do not have an advertising agency. Can you design an ad for me?
A: Yes, but only as a last resort emergency. Our graphic designers are specialized in magazine layout, not advertising design. We have no advertising copywriters on board. There is a lot that goes into an ad design that only specialized ad designers or ad agencies can provide professionally. They are also more cost-effective.


Q: How can I find out about open positions with Lebanon Opportunities?
Click on the "Work with us" tab on the top toolbar or check the Employment center under "Services" in the left sidebar.

Q: Do you have an internship program or do you employ graduates with no practical experience?
In general, we are ill-equipped to accommodate student interns or train newly graduated students. However, if your advisor thinks you have outstanding abilities, please submit your résumé to us by email along with a recommendation from your advisor.



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