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Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities
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Lebanon Opportunities Lebanon Opportunities
Lebanon Opportunities

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ESOMAR Membership Information

Since 1994, InfoPro Research (formerly Middle East Infosearch - MEI) has been catering for the business and market research needs of the Lebanese market. It initiated a number of sector-specific research products in banking, insurance, construction, real estate, and the Internet. InfoPro Research has built-up an extensive database of information and trends within each area of specialization. InfoPro Research also conducts ad-hoc and omnibus research studies on behalf of investors and companies from a variety of business sectors. These studies include customer-satisfaction surveys, product-testing, mystery shopping, consumer usage and attitude, advertising effectiveness, market penetration surveys, site surveys, and many others. InfoPro Research has developed InfoMaps, a geographical information system (GIS) based database used for location analysis, distribution, and other applications. InfoPro Research uses advanced research methodologies and techniques that comply with ESOMAR standards.

InfoPro Research monitors and collects data on a continuous basis on all business sectors in Lebanon. Its library and databases include most economic and business works and studies, legal references, and trade and professional directories. InfoPro offers desk research to complement its fieldwork-based studies. This includes market survey and analysis, sectoral analysis, economic data, and general business research.

InfoPro Research has developed strong quantitative research tools with the use of Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) & Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), as well as the extensive use of SPSS, a powerful statistical software specially designed for market research. InfoPro Research methodologies and sampling comply with ESOMAR standards.

InfoPro Research provides pre- and post-advertising research solutions. Through the use of CAPI-based interviews, both audio and visual samples can be easily presented to all respondents. Whether on a street intercept or a door-to-door basis, pre- and post-advertising research allows advertisers to test their advertising concepts and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

InfoPro Research offers a wide range of customer satisfaction surveys to virtually any form of business. InfoPro Research helps companies to identify customers' needs and expectations to enhance their competitive edge and strategies.

Whether a bank, supermarket, customer service center, call center, fast food franchise, or other type of business, InfoPro Research's team of trained mystery shoppers assume the role of consumers and observe the nature and quality of the services being offered. Mystery shopper research monitors staff performance and service standards, and provides detailed performance scores, ratings, and qualitative feedback to help organizations measure their actual performance.

InfoPro Research provides companies and manufacturers with detailed consumer perceptions, usage habits, and potentials related to new or existing products and services. Product-testing guarantees higher success rates, increased customer satisfaction, and greater achievement of time, quality, and cost objectives.

InfoPro Research provides in-depth consumer feedback using qualitative research techniques that comply with ESOMAR research standards. Expert moderators use visual and physical aides and techniques to uncover underlying consumer motivation, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings on virtually any topic. Applications include product testing, concept testing, taste testing, and branding.


InfoPro Research has a specialized department dedicated to retail banking. It has conducted a large number of surveys, covering a wide array of retail banking services and issues. InfoPro Research has developed comprehensive databases, unique in Lebanon, on retail banking products, branch networks, and profiles of retail banking clients and non-clients.

For several years, InfoPro Research has studied retail banking clients by conducting Bank Trak, a nationwide annual consumer survey. Details of most banking services are covered in the survey, which also incorporates an analysis of banking habits, such as choosing a bank, switching accounts, hours of branch usage, selection of products, electronic banking, customer profiles, and much more. Bank Trak measures the image of leading banks and advertising effectiveness. Bank Trak provides an analysis of particular market segments such as family, female, and young adult banking behavior, as well as identifying historical trends. Customized reports are available to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

RETAIL BANKINGRetail banking Monitor

InfoPro Research has developed a comprehensive database on retail banking products in the Lebanese market. Retail Banking Monitor (RBM) monitors in detail loan products, savings schemes, electronic banking services, and plastic cards. The database is packaged in a software program installed at the client's site, and updated electronically to subscribers online, and provides on-the-spot alerts of new and modified retail banking products launched. The program allows the user to manipulate the data, customize reports, view monitored banks' brochures, and print information.


InfoPro Research has developed a bank branch network optimization service. It provides banks with a detailed profile of the retail and commercial activities in the area under study, to investigate the local banking habits, and to make recommendations on the feasibility of opening a branch. Branch Map supplies banks with information about the catchment area of their branch, suggests optimization of network coverage, and identifies gaps and overlaps in the network. It helps measure the market share of each branch in its area and is used to determine the best locations for new branches. Branch Map uses InfoMaps, a computerized map based on a continually updated building-by-building survey, advanced satellite imagery, and geographical information systems.

The sudden and rapid development of the Internet in Lebanon has brought many new companies to the market and led established companies to reconsider their Internet strategies. InfoPro Research has been monitoring the market since the beginning of this growth explosion. This includes the development of telecommunication laws, as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), web developers, and e-commerce solution providers.

Internet Trak
Internet Trak is the first comprehensive consumer survey on Internet usage habits in Lebanon. The study analyzes both corporate and home users. Internet Trak includes an overview of ISPs, web sites, web developers, types of Internet connections and subscriptions, and a legal overview of the Internet in Lebanon. Internet Trak measures ISP market share, analyzes consumer usage and attitude, customer loyalty, browsing, time spent on the Internet, evaluation of most frequented Internet sites, search engines, chatting, international calling, and downloading. E-commerce is explored to include buying habits, payment methods, fees, and much more. The study looks at Internet advertisement recall on international web sites and local web sites, as well as the effectiveness of ISP advertising.

Web Monitor is a subscription service that delivers information on the potential development of corporate web sites in Lebanon. Web Monitor is based on Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) with the general manager or the IT manager of medium and large companies operating in Lebanon. Web Monitor offers the following information:

Web Site information
- Availability of a web site in the interviewed companies
- Satisfaction with the existing web site (if applicable)
- Potential to setup a new web site or update an existing one
- Objectives behind having or intending to have a web site
- Willingness to deal with a web development company

Company Profile
- Company name
- Company activity
- Company nationality
- Name of general manager or IT manager
- Budget allocated for the development of the web site
- Detailed address of the company


InfoPro Research has pioneered study of the insurance market in Lebanon. With the collaboration of leading insurance companies, it has identified their specific needs in market information. InfoPro Research also monitors the development of the insurance market in Lebanon, including the evolvement of legal requirements, marketing, and product introductions.

InfoPro Research conducts Insurance Trak, a syndicated nationwide survey on the usage and attitudes of insurance consumers and company clients in Lebanon. Insurance products are analyzed and categorized under four product families: Medical, car, property, and life. Insurance habits are analyzed, such as the choice of an insurance company, selection of products, customer profiles, and much more. Insurance Trak analyzes customer's awareness of insurance companies and products, investigates types of policies, factors behind the rejection of purchasing insurance protection, motivation, switching habits, insurance companies' image and market share in Lebanon, as well as identifying the policyholder's profile. Customized reports are available.


InfoPro Research has developed a comprehensive database on newly constructed buildings throughout Lebanon. The data is collected from project owners, managers, and on-site. All the information emanates from primary sources. The database contains specific information on thousands of properties, including the owners, contractors, building specifications, sale prices, and other relevant information.

InfoPro Research publishes Project Monitor, a monthly subscription-based service used by dozens of suppliers of construction material. These include suppliers of steel, cement products, aluminum and glass, tiling and sanitary products, lighting and electrical works and components, and many other types of suppliers in the construction field. In addition, users of Project Monitor include soil testing companies, engineers, architects, interior designers, and real estate agents. Project Monitor is offered in four different configurations.


InfoPro Research has developed in a joint venture with Maps sal a Geographical Information System (GIS). Database solutions are developed to meet specific needs, such as location analysis, sales and distribution, tracking, and others.

This GIS-based product includes satellite imagery, geotechnical engineering, and market research. InfoMaps is designed to provide simple solutions requiring minimum hardware and software requirements, as well as to cater for large complex projects. Solutions include retail banking, FMCG distribution, vehicle tracking, fast food network design, transport, and others.




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